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  • Dates to Remember Fall 2022

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  • ATTENTION ALL PARENTS OF PRESCHOOL-AGE STUDENTS. Are you looking for an opportunity to help your child become the best that they can be? The Waterford Upstart program is a free online learning environment tailored to help you do just that!




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  • Free meals for all students have unfortunately ended. In addition, Stratford is no longer a CEP school at this time. We will apply for that status. However, until then, all school meal prices are as follows. We are asking EVERYONE to PLEASE fill out the free/reduced lunch paperwork. This is part of the funding formulas and a priority for us to feed as many students as we can. Your help is greatly appreciated and there is now a link on-line through our web pages.
    Free/Reduced $0.00 **State of NH is covering free meals for reduced students.
    Paid $2.00
    Free $0.00
    Reduced $0.40
    Paid $3.00
    Milk $0.60
    Adult meals
    Breakfast $3.00
    Lunch $4.00
    Dr. Ronna F. HasBrouck
    Superintendent of Schools
    School Administrative Unit 58
    15 Preble Street
    Groveton, NH 03582


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  • Stark Village School

    1192 Stark Highway, Stark, NH 03582    

    Phone: (603) 636-1092


    Katherine A. Landry, Principal

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends, 

    It’s already that time again, Back to School Time!  We hope you had incredible summers, full of  campfires, days at the lake, and fun/restful family time.  The staff have been hard at work this summer preparing for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year and we can’t wait to see the students again. 

    As we prepare for the start of school, this Tuesday, August 30th, we would like to make you aware of the following:


    Student Drop off/Pickup

    Students should be arriving at school by bus and parents drop off at 7:30 AM.  As a safety measure please don’t release your students until after the bus has parked.  The bus will remain in the parking lot until 7:35 in order to bring students to the high school.  Students will then enter the building and prepare for the day.  They will have the option to eat breakfast or play  before Morning Meeting starts at 7:45.  

    Students are dismissed at 2:15.   We will board the bus students first, before releasing the rest of the students who are walkers or will be picked up.  In the event of a half day, students are dismissed at 12:15.  If there is any change to your routine please send a signed and dated note with them in the morning.  We cannot release your child to someone else without your permission ahead of time, even if they are someone who has taken them in the past.  However, we understand that emergencies happen.  If that is the case, please call the school and alert Mrs. Wentworth, our School Secretary, to the change in your child’s routine.  It is also important that the people that you list on your child’s Emergency/Safe forms are up-to-date.  


    Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

    We will be sending home Free and Reduced lunch forms.  They are worth more than just a meal!  If your family qualifies, it will not only give students reduced meals costs (breakfast and lunch), it could also potentially provide our school with extra funding.  In the past we have missed this funding by one student.  Your family may qualify because of a change in income, family dynamic, or work status.  You can fill out the paper forms and return them to the school at any time your status changes, or you can complete them on our school website by clicking on Abbey under the About Us or by clicking the following link:



        Mrs. Amanda Vetanze (Wetherbee)- K/1       Mrs. Kelly Jewell-2/3/4 Ms. Katherine Landry- 5/6



    Stark Village School prides itself on our school community and family.  As such, students will be participating in many whole school multi-age activities with all of the above teachers.   If you have any questions or concerns about your child please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher first.  I will be remaining in the classroom, teaching the 5th/6th graders.  As such, if you have any questions or concerns that you would like brought to my attention, as building principal, please call and set up an appointment with Mrs. Wentworth or email me.  We all look forward to partnering with you in order to best serve your child’s needs. 



    Your child would benefit by having the following school supplies:  

    • Writing utensils (pens, papers, markers, highlighters)

    • Reusable water bottle 

    • Weather appropriate clothing- we go outside twice a day and unless it’s below 10℉ or pouring, we are outside getting fresh air.  Please send your students to school with the clothes that allow them to enjoy recess as much as possible.

    • Clothing: Accidents happen! Whether it's puddle jumping wet socks, a spilled milk at lunch or a bathroom emergency, if your student has spare (bagged/labeled) clothes in their backpack or cubby it allows them to comfortably finish their school day. 

    • Snacks- Your student can keep spare shelf stable snacks at school for those days that they need a little extra.  

    • There are several brand new and free backpacks at the SAU.  Please contact them or stop by to choose one.  First-come first serve!  You may also contact Ms. Landry and she can arrange to get one for you.


    *If you or your family need help with supplies please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, or Ms. Landry.  Many supplies have been donated in the past, and we would love to help them find a new home!


    We are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of you and can’t wait for the first day of school!




    Ms. Landry


    Upcoming Dates to Remember:

    August 30th: First Day of School 

    September 2nd:  No School 

    September 5: No School-Labor Day 

    September 6th: Stark Board Meeting, 5:30 

    October 7: No School- Staff In-Service Day 

    Week of October 10-14 -  Hot Lunch Week


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  • We are finally enjoying summer weather finally and are diligently moving to be ready for students and staff in August.  Congratulations are due all around!  
    First, we are very excited to announce that Kate Landry will be the next Teaching Principal at Stark Village School!  She is a familiar face who has served the district well in her role as the Stark upper grades teacher most recently and will continue to do so with administrative support and collaboration with her wonderful peers.  Both Kate Landry and Kelley Jewell are completing their Principal Certifications in August!  Their hard work and dedication are certainly admired and appreciated with continued demonstration of excellence for Stark and all of SAU 58.  Bravo!  There is teamwork underway as Mr. Dugan-Henriksen assists in this administrative transition effective July 24, 2022.  Congratulations to Kate, Kelley, and the entire community!
    Many huge thanks to Mr. Dugan-Henriksen for his fine leadership over the past two years.  Just as promised, he has seen us through and shown such wonderful support and professionalism when we needed it most.  We wish him the very best in all that he so chooses.  He is so active in our communities and dedicated to hundreds of students and citizens throughout the North Country.  Although Jay is still "retired," you never know where he will turn up next to stay busy and keep giving back:-)

    Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns!
    Thanks and more congratulations!!
    Dr. Ronna F. HasBrouck
    Superintendent of Schools
    School Administrative Unit 58
    15 Preble Street
    Groveton, NH  03582

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  •  Stark Village School seeks to be an exemplary learning community school. We believe that education is not just about children; it encompasses families, parents, community, the environment, and the world. We build this foundation by respecting the individual needs of children and fostering a caring and creative environment by emphasizing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child. As a professional learning community, we will work together to empower all students to become contributing members of society; equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world. Through a collaborative learning environment, we will encourage high expectations for success using developmentally appropriate, data-driven instruction while supporting individual differences and learning styles. Our success in this mission will build lifelong, confident learners, who have the tools necessary for success in a changing world.