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  • February 4, 2021


    Dear Parents, 


    The enrollment of Stratford Public Schools continues to increase and we could not be more pleased.  However, the amount of students on our buses has been a challenge all year.  In response we have added bus runs, revised seating charts,  and continually modified bus routes in conjunction with our transportation company to meet the 2020-2021 SAU 58 COVID Response Plan to come back to school.  


    We are making another adjustment at Stratford Public School.  Students must still be masked at all times during the bus route, will have assigned seats, and may be seated with a student who is not in their household to allow for up to two students per seat. 


    This adjustment and new seating will go into effect on Monday, February 8, 2021, as approved by the Stratford School Board at their meeting on February 3, 2021. We continue to take the safety of the students seriously and are routinely reviewing and modifying plans for student safety and in response to evolving circumstances and state safety guidelines. You may also choose to transport your own child or arrange for carpooling with individuals with whom you are in daily contact.  As always, thank you for your understanding and continued support as we are about to celebrate our 100th day IN school!  If you have any further questions you may also contact school administration.


    Thank you, 


    Mr. DeWitt 

    Principal Stratford Public School


    New Hampshire School Transportation Association

    COVID-19, Working to Ensure Children’s Safety. American School Bus Council. 

    COVID-19. National Association for Pupil Transportation



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