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Our mission is to empower students to adapt to a rapidly changing world by instilling communication and critical thinking skills, and respect for core values like integrity and responsibility.

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  • Early Childhood screening day. Vision.hearing.academic. and more. Thursday April 20th, 10-2 at GES. Call 636-2492

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  • 603 Bright Future Surveys

    Parents, Educators and Community Members Perspectives

    The 603 Bright Futures Annual Survey provides parents, educators and community members a chance to provide meaningful feedback on how to improve New Hampshire schools.

    603 Bright Futures Family Survey:
    603 Bright Futures Staff Survey:
    603 Bright Futures Community Survey:
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  • S.S. Staffing

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  • Affordable Connectivity Program

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  • Filing of Candidates for Office

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  • Attendance Limits: Full-Year 16, Semester 8, Quarter, 4 except for approved.

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  • ATTENTION ALL PARENTS OF PRESCHOOL-AGE STUDENTS. Are you looking for an opportunity to help your child become the best that they can be? The Waterford Upstart program is a free online learning environment tailored to help you do just that!




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  • Free meals for all students have unfortunately ended. In addition, Stratford is no longer a CEP school at this time. We will apply for that status. However, until then, all school meal prices are as follows. We are asking EVERYONE to PLEASE fill out the free/reduced lunch paperwork. This is part of the funding formulas and a priority for us to feed as many students as we can. Your help is greatly appreciated and there is now a link on-line through our web pages.
    Free/Reduced $0.00 **State of NH is covering free meals for reduced students.
    Paid $2.00
    Free $0.00
    Reduced $0.40
    Paid $3.00
    Milk $0.60
    Adult meals
    Breakfast $3.00
    Lunch $4.00
    Dr. Ronna F. HasBrouck
    Superintendent of Schools
    School Administrative Unit 58
    15 Preble Street
    Groveton, NH 03582


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