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  • The SAU #58 School Board adopted the updated CDC and DHHS guidelines for quarantine and isolation. They are paraphrased as "5 days quarantine and 5 days masking." The specifics are available on our website. Please continue to use and our website to notify us of cases. Due to the uptick of Omicron, there is often not enough time to notify classes of possible exposure. Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms and take the necessary precautions.

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    Please use this link to participate in a 15 minute survey as part of our Strategic Planning process. Each respondent should choose one stakeholder group to use to respond only once. The survey is open from November 19 through December 1, 2021. Students in Grades 6-12 will participate in this academic survey during the school day.

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  • Dear Groveton School Families:


    I am honored to be a part of the Max York Educational Foundation Board and represent the needs and interests of the Northumberland school community.  The Foundation has been doing very well and the Board wishes to support the families of this community as they prepare to return to school for school supplies, clothing, shoes, or haircuts.  Each student who attends a Groveton School (Groveton Elementary or Groveton Middle/High School) is eligible for $100 reimbursement through their parent or legal guardian!  Although we wish we could provide this for all of the families of SAU 58, the Foundation is only for Groveton Schools.


    Here is how you go about receiving reimbursement for each child who is registered under your care.  Save your receipts or print credit card itemized receipts to be submitted through October 15, 2021 (redact account information), as we realize not everyone shops for new items prior to the start of school.  Highlight your applicable purchases (shoes, sneakers, children’s clothing, school supplies, haircut) and put a grand total up to $100 for those items at the bottom of your receipts.  Put your receipts in a sealed envelope marked as follows and return it to your school or the SAU office:


    York Foundation Reimbursement

    Student Name:


    Parent Name to be reimbursed:

    Amount up to $100:


    The York Foundation Board will meet to process $100 reimbursements per student with proper documentation.  If you are not able to make your purchases up front, please email so that the Board can discuss a way to support your child(ren).  We are excited to celebrate the start of another in-person school year.  Additionally, we are very thankful for all of your efforts to keep one another safe and to partner with the local schools to support our most precious resource - our children.  We believe every child should be confident and prepared to start a fresh, new school year and are here to give back to our community in celebration of all that we accomplished together last year.  Thank you all!  #roarandsoar


    On behalf of the entire Max York Northumberland Educational Foundation~

    Dr. Ronna Cadarette, Superintendent of Schools

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