Welcome to Mrs. Lyon's Office

  • What do School Counselors do?

    Many individuals often wonder what School Counselors do. School counselors are important members of the education team and provide valuable services to all students. They help all students in the areas of academic acheivement, social/emotional development, and career development, which helps students become functioning, well adjusted members of society. At Groveton Elementary School I provide the following services:

    • Classroom Guidance Lessons: I meet with all classrooms weekly for 45 minutes. I use the Second Step Curriculum and students learn skills for learning, empathy, coping skills, and problem solving skills.
    • Small Group Counseling: I offer small group counseling throughout the year. Small group counseling is when the school counselor works with two or more students weekly for 6 weeks, focusing on a certain concern. The small group experience involves sharing feelings and ideas, and learning from others' expereinces. Students are able to gain knowledge and practice new skills learned. I offer small goup counseling on social skills, self-esteem, self-reguation, anger management, divorce/family separation and anxiety. 
    • Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is built upon a relationship of trust and acceptance. I meet with students one-on-one as needed for various reasons.
    • A Consultant for the School and the Community:  I work with teachers, administrators, parents/families and outside agencies regarding classroom problems and concerns about individual studnets.
    • 504 Coordinator: I faciliate and oversee all 504 plans.


    For more information on the role of a school counselor please visit the following websites:

    American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

    New Hampshire School Counselor Association (NHSCA)

     Second Step Curriculum