• 2019 Girl's Varsity Softball Athlete of the Season

  • Katelyn Desilets


    Katelyn is a Junior at Groveton High School who balances both sports and her running start classes. She has already won this award once, through her junior year basketball season. She is a smart, kind, and she is an overall well-rounded student, peer, and friend. Being able to recognize just one student was not easy, but the GHS student body believes that Junior, Katelyn Desilets deserves to be Player of the Season for 2019! 

  • What people have to say...

    "She's focused on school and she is really good at helping Groveton get them W's"

    "She hits dingers!!"

    "She’s a natural leader and never brags about anything"

Katelyn Desilets
  • "Its the name on the front of the jersey that matters most, not the one on the back." -Joe Paterno