• Groveton High School

    Building Level Goals 2019-2020

    Goal I: Student Achievement and Engagement

    a. Implement purposeful, research-based  instructional techniques for all learners.

    b. Use multiple data points to measure student success toward growth targets

    c. Conduct monthly data meetings to analyze achievement and inform instruction

    d. Practice positive, multi-tiered behavioral management 

    e. Engage students in alternative school and community-based activities. 


    Goal II: Communication

    a. Maintain positive outreach through encouragement of two way communication with all stakeholders

    b. Expand digital presence through the use of social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


    Goal III: Competency Based Education 

    a: Review and evaluate all CBE programs for effectiveness and impact with an understanding of how CBE programs are implementing next generation practices and competency-based learning. 

    b. Provide learning opportunities for all staff, students, and the community to collaborate for in-depth understanding of CBE.

    c. Develop efficient and informative reporting tools connecting competencies to standards