Sandra Adams


    (1916 - 2016)

    This year our students and staff started off the year celebrating 100 years of Stratford School existence.  This celebration and special memories has continued throughout the year.  Our students are digging into the history of what makes Stratford-Stratford.  We realize the numbers have been high and low, programs have come and gone, the building and landscape have undergone changes, but one thing remains for sure, the "Spirit of Stratford" lives on and will continue.

    Our school community embraces the philosophy of being "Bucket Fillers" and practice the "7 Habits of Happy Kids".  These approaches to our daily actions and interactions create a balance of harmony for all.  The opportunities we offer in school for our students has created a great year of celebration-the integration of technology and content, the hands-on approches being used in curriculum and the higher levels of expectation play a major role in our student's educational experience.  The "fun" experiences interwoven in our days spent together at SPS are one I hope students remember for years to come.  I am proud of our student body and teachers who work hard to make their time at Stratford positive and productive ones.  As someone once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

    We at Stratford are well on our way to creating some great "Lion Prodigies for the future."