March 23, 2020 COVID -19 Update




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Dear Families,


On Sunday, March 15, 2020, Governor Sununu mandated that all NH schools move into a remote learning environment.  The order provided one week of preparation with full implementation starting on Monday, March 23, 2020. We are most fortunate at SAU 58, and were planning professional development days in preparation.  Our staff has collaborated for excellent results, and we were able to distribute one-to-one devices to ALL families on Thursday, March 19th, return all student medications and personal belongings, and to provide On-the-go Learning packets for all students.  In addition, faculty have been trained in Google classroom and Edgenuity on-line services to provide the best possible opportunities for students. This all happened well in advance of the Monday, March 23 expected launch. Our staff has gone above and beyond to provide the best sense of normalcy for our students and families.  We began our lunch delivery almost one week in advance of other districts due to the foresight and planning of incredible administrators. I am witnessing firsthand the Rotary mantra of “service above self” in its purest form.  Thank you for the dedication and commitment to our students and families.  We are truly demonstrating #roarandsoar excellence.  


We encourage you to share what you are doing at home and use our hashtag to help us all stay connected virtually as much as possible.  A few reminders in this new virtual world: please do NOT record any sessions between teachers and students. We have to be sure not to break any FERPA or HIPPA laws. #roarandsoar  #nhlearnsremotely


The NHDOE and NHSAA have provided state-wide guidance to NH Superintendents through conference calls, daily updates, and online resources.  The SAU 58 Leadership Team members have worked together to provide teachers and support staff with resources and guidance to be prepared for remote learning. 


The North Country Emergency Response Team facilitated by Benjamin Gaetjens-Oleson, Emergency Management Director, has partnered with SAU 58 and local medical and emergency organizations to provide resources and disseminate information.  We have regularly scheduled meetings to ensure resource availability in the North Country. We are proud to have donated all of our gowns, gloves, and masks for local use.


On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, we began meal delivery to all of our students. Business Administrator Patty Brown applied for a special waiver (seamless summer program) so that all students can have free meals (breakfast and lunch) regardless of family income.  We have established delivery times and meeting places daily (Monday - Friday) in all of our towns with 320 individuals receiving two meals last Friday. All children in our communities ages 0-18 are eligible for these meals and we will receive reimbursement revenue.  Please contact the SAU for more information regarding meals if you are not currently participating (636-1437) or email   


On Saturday, March 21, 2020, President Trump announced the waiver of all ESSA-mandated K-12 assessments this spring.  This also means that the SAT is postponed until further notice for high school students. The Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut will proceed with the necessary paperwork as he deems appropriate.


This is all new ground, and we are feeling growing pains along with you as families.  Please be patient, and we will work through this together. Below are some guidelines for teachers and families.


It is important to remember that we must function in an asynchronous environment.  Meaning, not all families will be able to have students on-line at the same time in multiple classes.  There will be wifi and Internet glitches. Google and Edgenuity will not always behave consistently. We understand this and will work with families.  Teachers can provide their instruction for later use or multiple viewings. Please visit the SAU or school websites to view our RESOURCES page if you are struggling.  There you will find links for Tech Support, Curriculum Support, and other helpful guidelines.  We will all practice patience with one another and get through this in a supportive and positive manner.  


Guidelines for Remote Learning at SAU #58



Please continue to monitor our social media, email, text messaging, and One Call for important information daily.  Let us know if you have questions or concerns so that we can respond and help you in a timely manner. We are here to serve you and our students.    


ATTENDANCE - Students and teachers MUST  be in school every day, just virtually. Teachers have the option of working remotely or in their buildings with social distancing.



  • Homeroom teachers will check in with students for daily attendance. This will be done by email, phone, or Google Classroom. Teachers will report attendance to the school secretary (elementary) or record attendance in MMS the following day.
  • If a teacher has not had a student active in Google Classroom, classroom chats, Edgenuity, etc in a couple of days the teacher will make a referral to Guidance, Guidance will follow up with the student/family.
  • Some questions the homeroom teacher might ask: How are you doing with your class materials? Is there anything you need support with?  How would you like to get that additional support? Have you touched base with your teacher? Do you have a daily routine for completing your assignments?

Middle/High School: 

  • Advisors will check in with students for daily attendance. This will be done by email, phone, or Google Classroom.  Advisors will report attendance in MMS the following day.
  • If a teacher has not had a student active in Google Classroom, classroom chats, Edgenuity, etc in a couple of days the teacher will make a referral to Guidance, Guidance will follow up with the student/family.
  • Some questions the advisors might ask: How are you doing with your class materials? Is there anything you need support with?  How would you like to get that additional support? Have you touched base with your teacher? Do you have a daily routine for completing your assignments?


If a teacher has not made contact with a student in three days,

 they will inform the building administrator, and we will contact the

 local Police Department or Sheriff’s Department to 

make a well child check.



Please use Frontline to document any sick or personal time, or to request unpaid leave.  Also, notify your building administrator and administrative assistant the day you are going to be absent.  All grade level teachers should add your building administrator(s) and SAU #58 grade level teachers as a “co-teacher” in your Google Classrooms so you can collaborate for each other should one of you be absent, etc.  Administration will be checking in this way just as if they were “walking through the building.”


TEACHER WORK DAY: (examples of activities)

8:00 - 11:00 Planning and Preparation  - Report cards, CBE, OGL, PD, etc.

11:00 -11:30 Lunch

11:30 - 3:00 Contact time with Students - Instruction, Questions, Phone , Google Meet, etc.


If parents have questions, they can contact teachers via email after hours and will receive an answer within 24 hours, or a way to make additional contact with teachers.  


School telephone numbers:  

Groveton Elementary School  603-636-1806

Groveton High School 603-636-1619

Stark Village School 603-636-1092

Stratford Public School 603-922-3387

Student Services 603-636-2492

Superintendent’s Office 603-636-1437


Food Service and Delivery

Student Services (as assigned by Michelle Mason)

Professional Development

Supporting Students Virtually



Support staff is being used for an ‘all hands on deck’ model.  They are being utilized for food delivery services (for the first few hours of the day: individual schedules will be provided by Patty Brown) followed by student/family contact, teacher contact, and remote learning opportunities.  If food services conclude, support staff will continue to support their student(s), families, and teacher, as well as, continued education opportunities. Support staff are being paired with assigned students’ teacher(s) to help prepare and deploy lessons for Special Education and Regular Education. In the event a teacher is sick, a paraprofessional is prepared to step in so that the remote learning is not interrupted.  We are relying on support staff to make daily logs, reach out to families when necessary, and work with special education. We are offering the support staff with professional development opportunities that we aren’t able to provide during the regular school instruction model. 



Watch your email for Zoom meeting invitations from your Administration and/or the SAU.  All schools are holding their staff meetings through Zoom or Google Meet. In addition, grade level, department, curriculum, competency based education, guidance, and counselors should meet regularly through a video format such as ZOOM or Google Meet. 



All PD sessions are held via Zoom or Google Meet or other on-line services.  You should use these to collaborate on CBE Curriculum work due May 1. Teachers should coordinate this work among themselves.  All other professional development should be coordinated in Frontline.  Reminder to follow through if you are due to renew credentials this year.  Principals will notify the Superintendent when staff is ready to be recommended for renewal.



We have a combination of on-line with Google Classroom for K-12 and Edgenuity for Grades 6-12 and paper On-the-Go Learning (OGL) packets.  



Teachers will continue to virtually collect and grade classwork, assessments, projects  etc. and provide timely feedback to their students. Paper materials will be collected Mondays 3/30, 4/6, 4/13, and 4/20 (should we still be doing OGL).   


  1. Students take pictures of their work and email to teachers. 
  2. Submit materials online via Google classroom or Edgenuity.
  3. Families could plan to drop work off during Food Service Pick-up on Mondays.  
  4. Families can mail work to the school via the USPS at their own expense to the teacher’s attention. 
  5. Parents and students must maintain communication with teachers if any of these options do not work.  


Paper submissions of work will be stored in rubber bins for disinfecting prior to assessing. 

As we are assessing and grading students we realize that this virtual model is new to all of us.  Many students rely on direct, consistent contact with teachers to be successful. We realize that students may struggle more than usual and the quality of work may not be the same as if they were in the classroom.  We will continue to provide rigorous instruction and maintain high expectations while having flexibility when assessing students.  


In order to relieve some of the anxiety and pressure during these unusual times, the last quarter/trimester of the year will be graded as Pass/Fail for all schools.  


Teachers will be engaged with students daily.  In a remote learning environment, parents will have more access to teachers than in a traditional model.  Please reach out to faculty and staff with any questions. High school families can access grades in the usual manner.



All Special Education teachers are collaborating with classroom teachers and support staff to provide delivery.  Materials have been sent home.  The Director of Student Services met with all Special Education staff to ensure IEP compliance. No student will be in the school for any services at this time. Monitoring progress is still under study. There is ongoing support and conferences to provide support for Special Education services.  We will keep you posted. Some direct services are delivered through video conferencing, Google Meet/Classroom, phone services, etc.  


The launch of 1:1 devices has been AMAZING!!!!  Our Director of Technology, Shane Cloutier has been overseeing with a thoughtful and forward thinking approach.  Matt Heinmuller and Josh Smith are also providing technology support. We are fortunate to have a dedicated, tireless, talented IT department! They have been providing resources about available sites and tools.  The IT crew have been fielding questions and troubleshooting 24/7.  We are processing information to the best of our ability to ensure that sites are compliant with data security.    



Buildings are cleaned daily and a deep “misting” machine will be used at each school to completely sanitize.  In addition, all areas are being scrubbed and deep cleaned daily. Projects that would normally be done in the summer or over vacations will be conducted during the absence of students.



We are in the process of establishing the ability for all individuals except custodians to work from home and anticipate full capacity by the end of the week should we escalate in our Levels of Social Distancing.  The Business Administrator, Director of Technology, Director of Student Services, Principals, and Superintendent have the most ability to work remotely, but will be in buildings as needed until further notice.  This is a busy period for identifying staffing patterns and renewing contracts.  


The SAU will be observing swing shifts due to the confined space. HR/payroll and Finance will be onsite periodically to do essential work yet maintain social distancing.  Teachers can work remotely, but have access to the buildings in following social distancing guidelines for groups less than 10.



We are a blessed community with so many genuine and caring individuals.  We are holding steady and supporting one another in all efforts. If you need something, say something.  There are volunteers everywhere who will do what they can to support you. Our children are the greatest gifts we have and the promise of our future.  We will guide them and encourage them with daily interactions to help them feel safe, adjust to our new normal, and to feed their social and emotional needs.  Thank you for trusting and partnering with us in the best interest of kids! Send us your pictures and tag them #roarandsoar #nhlearnsremotely



Dr. Ronna Cadarette

Superintendent of School