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April 17, 2020


Dear SAU 58  Staff,

​We just completed a meeting with the Joint Board at 5:30 this evening.  We WILL be attending school remotely on April 2​8th, 2​9thd, and ​30th for Spirit Week and social/emotional activities.  Specifics will follow next week for planning purposes.  With those three additional days, the Board voted unanimously to end the school year on Monday, May 18th for all students who have met competencies/are passing in all classes.  


Students who are not passing/meeting competencies will receive instruction/support services   from paraprofessionals and teachers until Quarter 4 or Trimester 3 grades close in June. The Board recognizes teachers for going above and beyond during these unprecedented times and forgave one of the contracted days for teachers. Therefore, the last day for teachers is      Thursday, June 11th in Groveton and Stark; and Friday, June 12th in Stratford. 


Teachers will be using the end of May and June to instruct and assist individual students, complete competency articulation documents, plan for how we will roll out curriculum in the fall based on where we left off in 2019-2020, and receive guidance/professional development on best practices for remote learning.


The Governor shared that summer programs will be remote and that we should consider plans for the possible roll out of the fall should this continue.  We will do our very best to support you and be prepared to bring excellence to our students. Although this is a sad and sometimes shocking time for all of us, we will continue to partner with students, parents, the community, and each other to do our utmost on behalf of children.  


Blessings and praise to everyone~


Ronna Cadarette