RFP Roof

School Administrative Unit #58


15 Preble Street

Groveton, NH  03582

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The Northumberland School District is seeking bid proposals for a TPO Membrane Roof Replacement (approx. 8,400 square feet) at the Groveton High School.  


This is a TPO replacement; 1” ISO, 60 mil TPO, aluminum edge bar, galvanized steel (24-guage) drip edge/fascia and new retrofit drain inserts.  Plus, any other roofing replacement requirements for existing HVAC systems in place.  This roof system will need a minimum 20-year warranty.


Core samples will determine if 4” insulation below TPO will need to be replaced in areas once stones and membrane are removed.  Please quote square footage cost for insulation replacement in proposal.


All bidders may arrange to visit the project site to prepare the bid.  Arrangements can be made by contacting Lisa Grimes between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM.  This project can start on June 12, 2021 and must be completed by August 20, 2021.  

Groveton High School

65 State Street

Groveton, NH 03582

603-636-1619 or 603-631-0034



Bid proposals must be received at the SAU Office on or before Monday, April 19, 2021 by 12:00 pm.  Email proposals are acceptable; p_brown@sau58.org


Bids will be reviewed and presented to the board.  The School Board reserves the right to accept/reject any or all bids received as deemed in the best interest of the school district.