free and reduced lunch update

Free meals for all students have unfortunately ended. In addition, Stratford is no longer a CEP school at this time. We will apply for that status. However, until then, all school meal prices are as follows. We are asking EVERYONE to PLEASE fill out the free/reduced lunch paperwork. This is part of the funding formulas and a priority for us to feed as many students as we can. Your help is greatly appreciated and there is now a link on-line through our web pages.
Free/Reduced $0.00 **State of NH is covering free meals for reduced students.
Paid $2.00
Free $0.00
Reduced $0.40
Paid $3.00
Milk $0.60
Adult meals
Breakfast $3.00
Lunch $4.00
Dr. Ronna F. HasBrouck
Superintendent of Schools
School Administrative Unit 58
15 Preble Street
Groveton, NH 03582