Playground Rules

Walking To The Playground

  1. WALK to the playground around the cars.

  2. WALK near the dugout.

  3. WALK across the parking lot.

  4. DO NOT touch the cars because you could scratch them.

  5. Make sure you go through the double (glass) doors to exit the building.

Lions Head Rules

  1. Only go feet first down the slide.  Please wait your turn.

  2. Only climb UP the scaling wall.  Climb up with two hands.  There should only be one person on the scaling wall at a time.

  3. Do not climb on the lion’s head.

  4. Walk up the stairs.  There is no running or chasing.

  5. Do not jump on the wiggly bridge.  Walk across it.

  6. There should only be two (2) people going through the tire tunnel at a time.  Do not block the tunnel or sit in it.

  7. Only go DOWN the corkscrew.  One (1) person uses it at a time

  8. Only go DOWN the fire pole.  One (1) person at a time.

  9. Do not throw any objects down the slide or off the playground equipment.

Swing Rules

  1. Do not jump off the swings.  Slow down and step off.

  2. Sit down at all times.

  3. Keep both hands on the swings.

  4. Do not walk in front of the people who are swinging. Stay back a safe distance.

  5. Don’t go too high because the swings will jerk.

  6. One (1) person at a time on the swings.

  7. Do not push people who are on the swings.

  8. Swing facing toward the dugout.

Challenge Course Rules

  1. Go clockwise on the challenge course.

  2. One (1) person at a time is allowed on the monkey bars.

  3. Do not use the wiggle balance beam to just sit or stand.

  4. Walk across the tires.

  5. There should be only one (1) person on the Burma Bridge at a time.  Do not hang off the side of it, as it could break.