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SAU #58 is comprised of three separate districts - Northumberland, Stark and Stratford. Each district has its own operating budget and a separate school board.

Northumberland operates two schools - a K-5 elementary of approximately 125 students and a 6-12 middle/high school of approximately 200 students. The Northumberland Board is made up of five (5) members, each elected for a three-year term.

Stark operates one village school - a K-6 elementary with approximately 25 students. The Stark Board is made up three (3) members, each elected for a three-year term.

Stratford operates one elementary school - a K-8 with approximately 65 students. The Stratford Board is made up of three (3) members, each elected for a three-year term.

The SAU Board is made up of all eleven (11) members of the individual boards. The SAU Board normally meets three times per year - October, December and April. The SAU Board elects a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from among its membership. They also appoint a Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer. The SAU Board hires and supervises the superintendent, acts upon any SAU-wide related activities, and sets the salary and benefits for the Central Office staff.

The SAU Central Office is located at 15 Preble Street, Groveton, NH, 03582. The main phone number is (603) 636-1437.

The Central Office is staffed with a Superintendent, Director of Technology, Business Administrator, Administrative Assistant to the Supt., Accounts Payable/Grants Clerk, and a Payroll/HR/Accts. Receivable Clerk.